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Grupo Dental Clinicsis a group of eleven dental clinics in Andalucia, Spain; nine in Malaga and one each in Jaen and Granada. As you’ve already learned, you need to pay for most of the dental treatment you receive in Barcelona. Without compromising quality, as we only use the leading dentistry brands and products, as those used in the most expensive private dental treatments in the UK.

Additionally, all patients attending our clinica dental en gijon in Spain can have conscious sedation which allows them to be fully awake and relaxed during their dental treatment. They offer a range of dental care, including orthodontistry, cosmetic dentistry, emergency treatment, and regular cleanings and check-ups. Don’t let tooth pain stop you biting into your new life in Spain and sign up with Turó Park today. Spain is a popular country for overseas dental work, attracting patients from North America, the UK, Germany, and Austria. Not only does Spain offer high-quality dental work at more affordable prices; there is the added benefit to Spain dental tourism of shorter waiting times than many patients are used to back home.

Dental Clínic Sanz & Pancko has English-speaking dentists. Cambra Clinic has 35 years of experience and uses the most advanced digital technologies. This treatment removes the cavities that attack the teeth. After that, it’s filled or refilled with a mixture that protects the teeth. Spain has one of the best healthcare systems in the entire world. Where we carry out all major work and dental implant surgeries and more complex surgical interventions.

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We have private waiting rooms for special patients, a surgical area for recovery. All our treatments can be performed under conscious sedation, always controlled by Anaesthesiologists. This allows the patient to enjoy a unique dental experience and also without any pain. Only with CEREC SIRONA makes it possible since some dental treatments can be practiced in a single day visit. Impress’s dental clinic concept is aimed at a young audience, which has grown with new technologies, since its offer is based on online treatments that reduce face-to-face visits.

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