Women’s Beauty Product Safety Concerns

“Why haven t you picked up a few women’s magazines lately?” asks the woman behind the counter. “I was hoping you were still looking for that perfect women’s perfume!” I respond, not wanting to be taken advantage of but feeling the necessity for some advice. “How do I look so cool when I’m not wearing that great new women’s fragrance? And, more importantly, how can I carry my favorite women’s beauty product around with me while still keeping it safe and clean?”

“That all sounds good, but first let me show you what you’re getting with that women’s beauty product.” She produces a dazzling display of over one-hundred different women’s beauty products. Bright, sparkling stuff. Free stuff with Purchase Protection, including: free applicator, anti-spill kit, travel size mini mirror, adjustable clasps with magnetic closures, anti-microbial cleanser and leave-in cream.

I like this idea. It’s one thing to have the latest celebrity makeup endorsed by women’s magazines; it’s a whole other kettle of fish to actually feel like you are sporting the product in public. If I was going to use this stuff, I wanted to feel like I was the only one using it. This gave me something to think about – safety.

Does this mean that a woman’s beauty product needs to be unsafe for my body? Not necessarily. But it does mean that I want to be comfortable using it. Does this mean that if it is not meant to harm or even kill me, then it should be legal? Definitely not, although I understand how some people feel about the use of hormones in women’s skincare. You can get more information about maquillaje vegano.

But I’ve never seen any women’s beauty product that had artificial preservatives, colorings, or fragrances. The manufacturing companies put their best efforts into making the product as safe as possible. They have taken great care to protect us from the health risks that we face every day. This is what makes their products safer than those from a competitor that uses the cheapest (read worst) ingredients possible.

So, is a women’s beauty product “safe” for me? Yes, absolutely. It’s been through the wringer. It’s been subject to testing. And, yes, I do recommend trying them on the back to make sure they work for you. Just use common sense.

Are you comfortable with the chemicals used during manufacturing? Are you willing to accept that chemicals can cause you cancer and that your health may be in jeopardy for using these products? Of course, not all women are so concerned about the chemical content of men and women’s products. But most certainly I am not one of them. If I want to use a men’s skincare product and it causes my skin to burn or develop rashes, I will gladly switch to a women’s skincare product. I know what I am allergic to and I don’t want to risk my health to save a couple of bucks.

The choice is yours, but think about what it is you’ll be putting on your face day in and day out. Would you accept a skincare product that could potentially harm you? Obviously, you won’t, so keep choosing women’s beauty products made by companies that have a great product safety record.

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