How Long Can a Turtle Live?

Many people are not sure of the life expectancy of turtles. A lot of people think they are very hardy animals that can live in any kind of climate. The truth is that these animals can actually live well in a cold climate provided that they have access to fresh water and warmth. These days many breeders are concentrating on producing baby turtles that are healthier and which can provide more years of happiness. For example, breeding turtles that are able to grow their body length to nine and half inches will make them ideal for pet lovers who want pets that can live up to decades and even a lifetime. Click here best pet turtle for more information.

There are various factors that can determine the life expectancy of a turtle and some of these are the diet that the tortoise takes in, the temperature of its environment and also the health status of the tortoise at the time of capturing it for sale. Some other factors that have been studied include reproductive ability, shell construction, age, color, carapace thickness, leg band size and the ability to sense prey. In addition, studies have also shown that younger tortoises that reach the age of ten and fifteen can be expected to be capable of living for almost twenty years.

Turtles do not generally live longer than thirty years. They generally reach the end of their life expectancy after around thirty years of age. It is interesting to note that in captivity, some of them may live for up to fifty years. The average life expectancy of a turtle is around twenty years and this can vary from one to two years. When talking about the quality of life for turtles, it is important to remember that they are quite social animals and a lot of them prefer to live with other turtles as long as they can remain friendly towards each other.

Life expectancy of a turtle can also be affected by the treatment that it is given while in captivity. Water is obviously essential to the survival of all reptiles. The water must be clean and safe to drink at all times. Some turtles live for almost fifteen years when kept in captivity with the right conditions. But the ones that are subjected to a lot of stress and are unable to get enough food are likely to die very quickly.

So how long do turtles live in the wild? They can live for more than a hundred years in the wild. But in captivity, even they can still live a hundred years or so. The life expectancy of turtles can increase as much as fifty percent in the wild when compared to the same species in captivity. The increase in life expectancy is mainly because of a reduction in the aging symptoms such as loss of body color and plumpness, loss of legs and weakening of the lungs.

Do you know that there are land turtles which can live for more than a hundred years? The longest known tortoise is the Chinese alligator tortoise which has lived for over two hundred years. There are many others of course including the leatherback, snapping turtle, leatherback turtle, red eared slider, and the green turtles. Turtles are indeed very amazing creatures. They are as adaptable as any other creature on earth.

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