Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing refers to any form of marketing that uses electronic and online-based technologies like desktop computers, cell phones, pagers and other media and networks to advertise products and services. The word “digital” in this phrase means that the medium used to deliver the message has changed from analogue to digital. The old medium was the telephone or radio. Digital marketing allows you to reach a greater audience with fewer resources and costs. The advantage of digital marketing is that it is accessible to more people at a lower cost. It also provides instant feedback.

Digital marketing channels are integrated together to improve customer experience and gain competitive advantage. Social media strategies including blogs, RSS feeds, microblogging, Facebook fan pages, discussion forums and social media analytics help to measure the success of a campaign. Digital marketers use both offline and online channels to reach customers. For example, a mobile marketing campaign might include displaying digital marketing-oriented content on popular apps for the device in which the customer uses. Such content can include maps, directions, and contact information.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the optimizing of web pages to get higher rankings in search engines for particular keywords. An example of a digital marketing channel is Google’s Search Engine Optimization, or SERP, program. Google’s SERP program is part of their suite of advertising programs called AdWords. A company can bid on keywords associated with their target market to appear at the top of search engine results for those searches. The company with the most traffic appearing on the first page of a search engine results page receives the highest bidding amount. Learn more information here

Another digital marketing effort is digital media advertising. This form of marketing involves producing television, radio and print ads that are targeted to a particular market or niche and that are visible to potential customers. Examples of digital media advertising programs include coupons offered by grocery stores, car dealerships and restaurant chains. Examples of digital marketing venues that have produced successful advertising campaigns include the Target Marketing Account, or TMA, and the Microsoft Advertising Network, or MAN. Digital media advertising allows companies to reach millions of prospective customers.

An equine approach, also known as an optical search network, is a digital marketing venue that includes both search engine results and links to other sites. For example, the London Times Equinet, orOLX, includes links to other news websites. The Toronto Globe and Mail Equinet, orTBO, include links to popular Canadian newspapers. Both quiet campaigns, when compared to traditional search engine marketing campaigns, have had much higher levels of success.

Finally, third-party digital channels may also provide opportunities for digital marketers to promote their business using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media accounts can be used to attract new customers, and in some cases, these campaigns have been quite successful. However, some experts advise digital marketers to use these platforms as a complement to their traditional advertising campaigns. Some businesses, such as Google, have introduced advertising through its main search engines. These efforts, while they have produced a large return on investment for Google, have also opened up avenues for abuse by unscrupulous spammers who use Facebook and twitter to send targeted spam messages to detract from organic traffic.

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